Travel Directions

Getting to Tours

Our recommendation is to fly into Paris and take the train to Tours. Paris main airports are "Paris Charles de Gaulle" (CDG) and "Paris Orly" (ORY). CDG is more convenient because it has a TGV station (fast train) in the airport with direct trains to Tours. If you land in Orly you will have to take public transportation or a cab to the Paris Montparnasse train station in downtown Paris.

Moving around

Train is a great option and it can take you anywhere in France. However, it can get pricy if you plan to visit a lot of places. Renting a car is probably a better option in this case. Please note that our standard rentals are stick shift , so be sure to request an automatic if you need. If you decide to rent a car it is about a 3 hour drive from Paris to Tours (as opposed to a little over an hour by train). Lastly, another option is to take the train to Tours and rent a car there.

Carpool may also be an option from Paris. There are carpooling websites, but we can also try to coordinate with Jeremy's parisian friends driving down for the wedding (this is very common in France, and it's a great chance to meet some cool locals!).
On the day of the wedding, there should also be plenty of carpool options for our international guests.


On the night of the wedding, a room will be provided on the domaine for all our international guests! Please let us know in the RSVP how many beds are needed for your party.

For the other days, it is mostly similar to the US, you can find hotels and motels along with AirBnb's everywhere. We also have a more typical option in France called "Gîte", comparable to a Bed & Breakfast. Finally, as an option, we can see if any of Jeremy's friends and family are willing to host. Please don't hesitate to ask they will be delighted!

Please find below an inventory of links that may be helpful to you. If you need any assistance or advice, feel free to contact us.

Transport Accomodations

Price ranges:

  • Round Trip plane ticket from West Coast: $450 - $700
  • Round Trip plane ticket from Midwest: $700 - $1100
  • TGV to Tours (one way): $30 - $70

Booking a plane:

  • Kayak, usually the cheapest fares. We recommend setting a price alert on this site to stay informed when fares drop!
  • Momondo
  • Vayama

Booking a train:

If you fly to CDG, put in CDG as your departure. If you fly to ORY, put in "Paris (PAR)" as your departure.
Put "Tours" as your destination.
For the results from Paris (not CDG) you will find 2 options to depart from: "Paris Austerlitz" and "Paris Montparnasse". Montparnasse only has TGVs that will take you to Tours in one hour. Austerlitz has slower (2-3 hours) but cheaper (11 to 40 euros) trains. In both cases, you will have to travel from the Orly airport to the station in downtown Paris (about an hour of public transit).


Price ranges:

  • Hotel in Tours: $60 - $100
  • Motel in Tours: $30 - $40

Remember, a room will be provided on the domaine for the night of the wedding so don't book for the night of 9/9/17!


Moving Around

Other than trains and rental cars, carpool is now mainstream in France and you can move around very cheaply. The leader is Blablacar. Otherwise, you can still rent a car or take trains.


  • Liligo: Car rental search engine
  • RentalCars: Car rental search engine, lets you filter out manual transmission (unfortunately automatic transmission car rentals are double the price in France)
  • Blablacar: Carpooling site
  • Raileurope: Train booking engine
  • Trainline: Train booking engine